Tuesday, April 19, 2005

"Want a date? Play World of Warcraft!"

It's official. World of Warcraft is the new crack cocaine. Moms would snatch prrrreeeeecciioooouusss hours from baby-tending to play World of Warcraft.

Now what?! A matchmaking service?!

From the official World of Warcraft webpage:

World of Warcraft: The 21st Century Alternative Online Matchmaking Service - Nebu on 4/18/05

Can't seem to find someone who shares your interests? Tired of striking out at clubs? Why not try finding your perfect match in World of Warcraft, as this couple did in the Korean version of the game? Having originally met in the Korean open beta test, "Good At Diablo" (the Groom) and "Ix" (the Bride) continued their adventures together in Azeroth after the commercial launch in Korea, playing in the guild "Frienz." While at an offline guild party, they decided to begin dating and soon fell in love, which led to both an online marriage and a real-world marriage as well. Congrats from Blizzard!



So, yeah, I'm a WoW addict as well. And I'm -this- close to level 40. Needless to say, I'm a wee bit impatient to level.

Haaaalf-baaaaar Exxxeee-Peee! I want my prrrreeeeecciioooouusss....


dagger said...

Don't forget to save your gold for the epic mount.

Anthony said...

Hey man...

I think by the time I hit the epic mount I might as well just keel over and die lor.

Wen said...

Or I might develop |337 farming skillz and be able to fund j00.

Anthony said...

Wen - you already do. :D

Anonymous said...

Datecraft.com just went live. Enough said!


Let me know if you have any questions!