Tuesday, October 17, 2006


One of the most interesting experiences I've had to date in Beijing is dinner at 白家园,or "The Bai Family Courtyard". It is a historical site somehow involving the author of 红楼梦, or "The Dream of Red Mansions". I forget how it is connected.


The Entrance


The Family Poem

The entire place is decorated like a Qing Dynasty royal household, complete with lovely ladies dressed in cute Manchu costumes. The men were dressed in Qing soldier uniforms as well, but since they didn't interest me as much, I didn't take any photos of them. Everywhere we went, we were greeted with the traditional Manchu greeting "您吉祥" or "Good luck to you".


My Lovely Guide and I

Assembly of the Maids

The courtyard itself is lovely. Some historical artifacts have been lovingly restored, others replicated.

Bai Family Carriage


Chyrsanthemum Plot


The Courtyard proper.

The interior of the main dining hall is equally impressive.


Replica Throne


The Seats

The food is nothing to write home about. It's mostly typical Northern Chinese faire. I much prefer Southern Chinese cuisine like the kind we get in Singapore. Nevertheless, it was pleasant and the ambience sure made the dinner interesting.


The Spread

Did I mention the maids were extremely easy on the eye?

Sunday, October 15, 2006

At Airport Terminal

I'm off. See you all in a week.

Thursday, October 12, 2006

To Peking

I am heading to Beijing for a short trip. Things are getting a little emotional here in Singapore and the distance would do me good.  Since there is no access to Blogger in China, I apologise for the state of my blog over the coming week. Will return with updates and hopefully some nice pictures.

Wednesday, October 04, 2006

Pyrrhic Victory

My degree scroll arrived in the mail today. I worked my ass off for it, even though I could have just coasted.  I am supposed to be proud of it. Why am I not proud of it? Why am I not happy?

I spent dinner last night with someone very dear to me, and someone that I am secretly ashamed of meeting because I let her down terribly in her time of need. Yet, there she is, being with me in my time of need.  I should be happy for her company. Why am I not happy?

We spoke last night of fond rememberings in AC Drama. They are some of my dearest memories, productions I literally gave my all to, pieces of work that have imparted a good portion of the polish I have today. Yet, the memories are bittersweet, marred by feelings of inadequacy, of never being good enough. This nostalgia  supposed to be my best memories. These memories should make me happy. Why am I not happy?

For months I've been functioning, and suddenly, last night it all unravels. Why?