Friday, April 15, 2005

Almost Infamous Part II

Stella Ng
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In grand tradition of posting chio-bu on a blog, this next post will be to a lady who I had the pleasure of working with some years back before she became famous. This is Huang Xiangyi, but I know her better as Stella Ng.

I met Stella in 1997 in the ACJC auditions for Grease - The Musical. She auditioned for the part of Sandy, but she didn't get it, though I always thought that she looked the part. Reason cited - singing voice was too light.

Stella has since gone on to a spectacular singing career. Guess we were the ones light on sense huh?

One day, I'll try to dig up an old picture of Stella in a cheerleader uniform and a "Chun-Li" hairdo.

One funny story about Stella though. One day at a particularly grueling dance rehersal, we finally stopped for the day, and prompting plonked ourselves on the dance floor awaiting instructions. Raj, our dance instructor (who I will post about in the future - he's a minor celebrity in his own right) started sniggering. Loudly.

When pressed for a reason why he was sniggering, he responded "You all shouldn't just sit down on the floor after rehersal you know. Otherwise your backside will spread like prata."

We promptly heard a shriek from somewhere in the center of the room. Guess who was the only person standing up?


dagger said...

Dude, you've been mentioned in newspapers a couple of times too you know? Though more as a lawyer who dresses up as a vampire so...

Anthony said...

Ah! I see my secret identity is revealed. I will now have to kill you...

Yeah, I know about those guys. It's amazing - everytime they want respectability they always cite "Oh we used to have a lawyer that's a member.