Saturday, April 30, 2005

Live from Kuching

The title should actually read "Half-Awake and Well-Fed from Kuching.

A warm hello (and I do mean warm) from the Land of the Cats - also known in myspeak as "The Land Where In-Laws Overfeed" and "The Land Where I Get To Oversleep". Thanks to the blessings of the Ingterneck , I'm now writing this from a cafe where locals rip off foreigners (that's me) for exhoribitant rates on the computer.

They charge by the hour - so like a typical kiasu Singaporean, I don't feel that I've gotten enough mileage until AFTER I spend the full hour on the computer and email alone just doesn't cut it!

God bless the exchange rate, for it alloweth me to abuse the ringgit.

I can never get over the fact that the stuff's so cheap here. And fresh (get your minds out of the gutter). This afternoon I had the freshest corn I ever tasted. Last night and this afternoon, we ate homemade popiah for lunch. Once I get home to a computer where I can actually upload photo's I'll blog on what a Real Man's Popiah is.

That's it for today's instalment. Tomorrow I will write on why local food's...local.

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