Friday, April 29, 2005

Into The Wind

I had a funny post. It's been sitting on my dashboard for the longest time. I just don't have the heart to complete it.

You see, today's my last day of full-time employment, for the forseeable future. I will be back, to and fro, and I know I will see them again. You don't get rid of a lawyer that easily.

Yet somehow, things are slowly changing. This is another link to Singapore I've destroyed to get to San Francisco. It's painful. Two days ago I found out one of my colleagues and best friends in my company is pregnant. She's the first of my female friends that I would have had an oppurtunity to see carry a baby to term - except that now I must leave, and I won't be back until the baby's born.

Friends don't grow apart? I beg to differ. When you have a continent and time zone differences, when you start having fewer and fewer shared experiences, you slowly drift. They will have gone on with their own lives, as will you. Their kids will grow up not knowing that, sometime in the past, you shared laughter over lunchtime kopi with their parents.

I'll miss them terribly.


Anantya said...

after being apart from my best-est friends for the past 4 years, i know that it's a sad fact that even the best of friends grow apart with time-zones and continents between them, bcos there's only that much of Catching Up that you can do everytime. i guess the only difference is that it's easier to pick off where you left with closer friends, but that need for "picking off where we left" is just going to be there, and be harder and harder to bridge each time. :'(

i wish you all the best.

Mythical said...

well, logically, it is better for friends to grow apart than to grow together... *grin* there is always the chance of coming into contact again, but even the best of friends can't be expected to be in harness to each other or to one another! and I will always remember the paladinate characters who walked on and off the stage of my campaign for many years...

Anthony said...

Hey all,

It's wierd. I know I'm still in Singapore, but it's like the knowledge that I'm going has already affected the relationship. :D

Apocalyptic Wen said...


We've still got no respect for you and hang around anyway. And that is a definition of "friend", isn't it?

Slinky Cat said...

Anthony - I actually wrote a post about that a while ago, so I can say with assurance that I know exactly how you feel. Somehow the act of elaving, whtehr you are the leaver or the leave-ee, gives one a sense of detachmant and the oddest sense of loss.

Ironically, that post caused a bit of a storm and perhaps deatchment occured faster than it should have, although I still don't understand why.