Friday, April 15, 2005

Un-Reality TV

It's been some years back since the first instalment of "Eye for a Guy" was launched. Me, being old school mates with Ng Wai Chung, was naturally suprised to see him as a contestant. You remember him right? The guy that won every single competition there was?

The -reason- I was curious was because I thought that he was dating someone. Wai Chung confirmed that in his interview with the New Paper . I broached him and his sister about the topic some time after. Their response wasn't suprising. Apparently, the New Paper -didn't- cover the fact that Wai Chung had actually told Rachel that he was seeing someone. And know what? Rachel didn't care. Because it was all scripted anyway.

In fact, "Eye for a Guy" is no different from other "reality" series. But please, it was apparently so frigging obvious that many other Netizens guessed as much - without prompting (evidenced here and here)

So when looking at the screen shots for the new season of "Eye for a Guy 2", just keep in mind you're actually watching a soap opera, not a reality tv show.

At least the chiobu is better looking this time.


Mythical said...

Ah haha you should blog about people like Gwion Bright/Dark/Anything-hand...

Anthony said...


Glad you found your way here chum. I should make a post about my gaming life one day.

Bad Eyesight said...

Eye For A Guy is scripted???!!

World Wrestling Entertainment matches aren't for real??!!!

Next you'll be telling me that Brad and Jen have broken up!!!