Sunday, April 24, 2005

Some Things Aren't To Be Shared

I've had a long talk with my wife this afternoon. It concerns our two beloved stuffed toys, Fluffy and Junior.

My wife loves them a lot, so much so that she wanted to write about their "antics" (kindly provided by yours truly) on a blog of their own.

I wasn't comfortable with this. To me, the antics were for her and her only. My special gift to her. The little secret we could both share. My wife didn't understand this at first - but she does now. For this reason, she's shutting down the blog.

My apologies for inconvenience caused


dagger said...

Just read your post on saying goodbye and wanted to say something. These was a period of time years back when I felt my identity was getting too entwined with that of D&D (Drama and Debate). Felt I had to get out and strike out on my own. So it was with great hesitation and trepidation that I stopped most contacts and communications after Cyrano. Said my goodbyes in my heart to said drama teacher whom I still believed was leaving (though in hindsight, shouldn't have been surprised that she chose to stay) and to all the people and culture that has been so wonderful and did so much for a growing young boy who looked up to some of these people as heroes. As the years went by, I did other stuff in school, good and bad and thought I left it all behind. Sure I kept in touch through tacit support by way of tickets purchases if not attendences. But meetings were few and far in between and happenings were stories heard from friends of friends of friends. It was hard in the beginning; missed the camaradie(sp?), the late night suppers and enrajment. Weeks turn to months that in turn, became years which steadily accumulated. Now when I see all those same people again, it felt weird that I was actually part of those. But every time I read about the accomplishments the people that came after me did, I felt a sense of pride that I contribute in a small way, insignificant as it may be, to those ends. That and the memories of the time I spent with you guys makes is the true gift that ACJC has given to me. Though the years have come between me and all these wonderful people, you all are tops in my hearts.

Kayche, all the best to you. I don't know if you will ever return to Singapore. But know that I'll miss you. Life in Singapore will be a little bleaker knowing that you are no longer here.

Having said, think its possible for you to return my South Park cap before you go? And if you really choose not to return, I call dibs on your autographed copy of Neuromancer can?

Anthony said...

Re South Park and Neuromancer - Sorry about the cap. I truly have no idea where it is now. I can't find tons of my own shit thanks to the renovations.

Keep Neuromancer then, with my thanks and apologies.

Anthony said...

Oh, and Danny, I don't think any of us deserved to be heroes to a growing young boy. We did make many mistakes, because we ourselves were too immature to admit them.

I'm glad a new generation has grown without our interference, but getting to enjoy our legacy nonetheless.

Mythical said...

Oh yes... *grin* if you would be so kind as to check once more for any of my books you might still have... you can always return them to my parents' place. Pretty please? Then again, if you want to take them with you, you are more than welcome to do so. Just don't want them disappearing randomly, this isn't some rpg you know... haha!

Anthony said...

Will do, chum.

Gloria said...

Oh my GOD! Khayce, it's you! I can't believe I stumbled onto your blog while randomly surfing! The picture's so small I couldn't tell! Aaaargh. I've been reading it for a week now without knowing it was you. Hahahahaha!! This is vic btw, i can't post as anonymous so i just used glor's blogger thing.

Anthony said...

-laughs- I figured. Hope you enjoy it.