Tuesday, April 12, 2005

Apocalyptic Friends

I have apocalyptic friends.

These are ordinary guys, often fairly well-educated and have a tendency towards slacker-dom. However, some of them just seem to be blessed/cursed by sheer happenstance.

Case Study 1

Meet Mo. Mo is a sweet fellow, a talented artist and guitar player. He's also a bit of a techie and takes his games very seriously, and other matters in life not so seriously. He's also got a serious gift for being "suay chui" (unlucky mouth).

Mo related to us an incident when he was watching the late Princess Diana's funeral. Irritated by the constant media buzz surrounding the funeral of Princess Diana (to which one of my other friends quipped was "as dead as a Dodi"), he uttered the immortal words...

"Come on lar! It's only Princess Diana. It's not like Mother Theresa passed away!"

Guess what happens a week later?

Case Study 2

Meet Wen. Wen's a Masters in Economics who returned from Australia a couple of months back. He's the slackest of a bunch of -really- slack friends, and is extremely good natured about it.

Wen's also got a bit of happenstance going for him - he causes disasters by accepting job offers.

Wen related to us a story of his last visit to New York. He had a few hours to kill before heading to the airport home, and he was deliberating out loud with his cab driver whether to visit the Twin Towers.

Wen, being the slacker he is, went "Ah, it's not like they are going anywhere" and left for the airport.

A week later, he accepts a job offer. On the 10th of September 2001.

He accepts a second job some time later. The date of the temp job offer? 22nd December 2004. 1 week later, the tsunami hits.

He's been officially banned in our group from taking job offers when any of us are flying. He figures, at this rate, people would eventually pay him not to ever accept a job offer. I'm inclined to agree, but I'd hate to encourage his slackness.

Postscript: Apocalyptic Wen wants me to communicate his ransom note to the world at large, except he's too lazy to write it himself, and I don't particularly like someone else (other than me) holding the world ransom. Any volunteers?

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