Sunday, April 24, 2005

Celebrity Geeks II

In my recent D&D post, shortphat K commented:

Vin Diesel a D&D geek!?!?! thing you know. Brad Pitt or some shit will be a legend of zelda fan

I didn't find any Legend of Zelda fans.


I did find a hardcore Unreal Tournament player. You'll never guess who.

Eh! Not easy to find Asia Carrera picture with clothes on okay?!

How's that for investigative journalism?


YC said...

Are you competing with Miyagi to see who posts more jude babes? If so, I say rock on! Don't you just love heow-thy competition?

Anthony said...


No, I'm an equal opportunity poster - I also put up pictures of hunks where necessary. It just tends in the direction of babes.