Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Angry Thoughts

What is the collective noun for idiots?

A flock of fools? A murder of morons? A star of simpletons?

Good lords, they just seem to multiply.


What am I supposed to think when the only time you approach my family is for money? I had told you years ago that I do not support what you are doing already. Don't expect kindness when you have paid me and mine nothing but cruelty.


What am I supposed to think? On one hand you've shown me kindness. On the other hand, you've delivered far less than what you've promised. How can you expect me not to be upset?


What's wrong with them?! Can't they see that they are only rewarding short-term behaviour? What about those energy consumers that have consistently been using energy below the median? Is there no reward for the consistently responsible?!

(HT to Mr Miyagi)



Friday, April 25, 2008

I Cry Defiance

You are my senior. You have only to ask, and I will follow.

Be careful what you ask for.

You can ask me to hurry up. You can take things easy. You cannot expect me to hurry while you take things easy. If I run, you run. If you walk, I walk. If I turn around and not see the baton there waiting in my hand, don't expect me to continue running.

You can ask me to hurry up. You can ask me to double check your work. You cannot ask me to hurry up while having to double check your work. If you want me to hurry up, I have to be able that trust you will do your job. I cannot hurry while doing my job and your job at the same time.

You can trust my judgment. You can question my judgment. You cannot cherry-pick which parts of my judgment to trust. My judgment is rendered in its entirety, after considering all the aspects in totality. My judgment is not rendered for your convenience, but your best interests. You take it, good with the bad, or you reject it outright for its flaws.

You can act in good faith. You can keep your power. You cannot keep your power while pretending to act in good faith. That is either hypocrisy or denial, neither of which I condone.

You can ask me to be detached. You can ask me to be loyal. You cannot ask me to be detached while being loyal. Detachment means I feel nothing for you, even loyalty. Detachment requires that I not be here, under-appreciated for what I do. I've given up greener pastures for my loyalty. Don't expect me to feel nothing for what I've given up.


Thursday, April 17, 2008

Doors or Walls?

If your past comes knocking on your door, would you open the door?

Everyone has a past that hurts. It seems de rigeur these days. The question is not whether you should let it affect you. It will affect you. It will sneak up on you. It will ambush your sleep, and turn your dreams sour. It will pop up in your email box one day, in a place and form you least expect.

There's a reason I don't write about my current relationship(s), or lack thereof. It's because that part of me still hurts - and it hurts more because I've immortalised it on this blog without intending to.


I received an email today, from a person I've never heard of, claiming acquaintance with someone who helped me a lot in California. When I received the email, I didn't know quite how to respond. Some part of me wanted very much to leave this door unopened.

This is the part of me that remembers that no matter how much I love California, it will be inextricably tied to the greatest pain I've faced in my life.

Another part of me wanted to see what lay beyond the door. This is the part of me that wants to see what it is I left behind in California, a glimpse at the life behind I left when I made my decision to stay in Singapore.

I emailed that person back. I don't know if that was the right choice. Time will tell.


Deciding whether or not to go through that door isn't a rational decision. A rational decision is based on sufficiency of information. Truth is, you don't really know what's behind that door. You have an idea. You have a best guess. But it remains a guess, no matter how good you are.

Behind that door could be a monster, a blank wall, or a treasure beyond compare. More often than not, it opens up to a corridor with another door at the end of it. And then, you stand at the threshold again, wondering the same thing you did the previous time, because you are only human.

The question is not whether to open the door. The question is whether you can live with yourself after.

In the end, that is all that matters.

Wednesday, April 02, 2008


If you are making millions, you better be good for something.

If what you are good at is getting other people to pay for your millions, you better make sure that the other people get what they are paying for.

If you getting millions, making other people pay for your millions, and not giving us solutions even a citizen can suggest, then really, you aren't being joked about. You are the Joke.


If you like hot nurses, you're a hot-blooded male.

If you like hot nurses appearing out of nowhere on the Internet, your hot blood probably just fried your brain out temporarily.

If you like hot nurses appearing out of nowhere on the Internet who is suddenly very interested in getting it on with someone, then really, the joke's on you.


If you are happy for someone hooking up, you're probably compassionate. Or kay-poh. Whatever.

If you're happy for someone for maybe-hooking-up-but-you're-not-very-sure, you're probably very compassionate. Or very kay-poh. Whatever.

If you don't understand what the heck just happened, but are happy anyway, join the club. You're probably compassionate and kay-poh like me. The joke's on you. If it is a joke. Or not. Whatever.


If you were worried that Questionable Content got hacked, you didn't realise it was April Fool's Day.

If you were worried that Questionable Content AND XKCD both got hacked, you probably didn't realise this is 2008 either.

If you were worried that Questionable Content AND XKCD both got hacked AND wondering where to get the new Axe peripheral for the Bard Hero class in World of Warcraft, you need to get out. Really. See that shiny bright thing in the sky? It's called a sun.


There ends my round-up of the best April Fool's pranks and stunts online. Have fun all.

Tuesday, April 01, 2008


No, not income tax.

The end of March brings me many happy returns. I've returned to training after a one-month hiatus. I've returned to my 9-to-5 job, and won't be travelling (I hope) until the end of April. More importantly, I've returned to a routine where I can spend time with my various groups of friends. And of course, I return to blogging.

The fact that I've taken such a long hiatus is telling. My armour is developing large patches of rust and will need to be cleaned out. My swordfighting stamina has reduced, but suprisingly my legs seem to have strengthened from all that walking around. I seem to be landing a bit more lightly on my feet. On the minus side, my sword work has gone to absolute bullocks. Looks like the rust affected more than just my armour.

The craziness of returning to work in the middle of financial year-end closing also seems to have died down. Interesting developments career-wise, which bode well for me.

I've also gone back to WoWing semi-regularly. Things are a lot more relaxed this time round, without the frenzy of wanting to do everything and the kitchen sink.

Also hanging out with my friends more - I don't get a chance like that every part of the year so best enjoy it while I can.

No angst, no anger, no drama, just a flow of little things that make me happy. I can't ask for more really.