Wednesday, April 20, 2005

"That's 'Social Escort' to You!"

First, we have news that the Singapore Gah-Men is going ahead with the casino. Then, we have to deal with the fact that it's now two casinos, not one.

Now, we have to deal with a "Gah-Men" that's not honest enough to call a spade a spade. "Integrated Resort" indeed. Hmmph.

Perhaps it should read "Integrated Resort Royale"?

On the same vein, prostitutes are really "Ejaculation Service Assistants". The services provided are "Faux Reproduction Engineering" And when all is said and done, once he/she is forced to make ends meet, he/she isn't cast in a porno flick. Oh no.

He/she stars in an "Artistic Film".

My primary contention here is this. We're apparently mature enough to have a casino in Singapore but not mature enough to have the words with ugly connotations discussed in public. If we are mature enough, make the facts available to us. Show us the consultation papers. Show us the statistics. Show us the proof that 35,000 jobs will be created, and that these jobs go to Singaporeans.

Money where my mouth is? Definitely.

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Mythical said...

Here's an interesting thing. Of the debate speakers who spoke against the casinos, three at least were ACSians - sze wee, tan soo khoon and chiam. Out of five. Khaw comes across a bit hypocritical: yes now I see the light, let's become a casino city and set up a world class gambling addiction centre. Sigh.

Wen said...

It's not just the word CASINO that's avoided in the Singaporean context, other words to avoid are also INSURANCE, SALES, and PYRAMID SCHEME, which have been refered to as "Financial Planning", "Business Development", and "Direct Marketing" respectively.

dagger said...

Thought that last one should have been multi-level marketing.

Anthony said...

I've heard it described as both.

suszen said...

Good to read about this and I have heared it described as both.