Friday, April 15, 2005

Almost Infamous Part I

I doubt my life story would be complete without examining closely the people that have walked into my life. A number of them can be classified as local celebrities, or even self-admitted has-beens. Here's one of them: Edward Yong. His blog can be found here.

Edward is a friend near and dear to me. I've known him many years through various ACJC Drama activities, and for all our incompatible interests, we've always managed to stay close friends. He's a living reminder that what we have in common is more important than what we is different about us.

Edward's greatest claim to fame, however, is the now-obscure movie "Army Daze", where Edward starred in the lead protagonist role, Malcolm Png. I've made enough smart remarks about him not having to act much in that role and he's always found it hard to disagree.

Here's a picture of Edward being interviewed with some of his "Army Daze" buddies. Edward is on the extreme right with the "toot" black plastic frames.


What's not so well-known is that I, too, had a role in "Army Daze".

Call it serendipity, luck, fate, or happenstance - I was on my BMT recourse when the Army Daze shoot was being done. Army Daze approached 7 BTS for some extras - requesting that they'd preferably not be extremely "xin chiao". This means...BMT recourse guys get "volunteered".

It wasn't so bad really. We looked more "gilat" than we actually were - a bunch of "sick chickens" that couldn't even make the first cut of BMT. We helped film a PT scene, bayonet fighting and route march (stuffing pillows in our full pack to make it look filled).

Imagine my suprise when I saw Edward at the shoot. Needless to say, I was pleasantly suprised. Edward, bless his soul, took it upon himself to sneak the extras some treats, and so did the rest of the cast. Sheik Haikal offered me a cigarette, which I didn't take since I didn't smoke, but it was a gesture appreciated nonetheless.

Ed and I went on to do some truly fun productions. But that's a story for another day.

Ed, this one's to you.

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