Thursday, April 14, 2005


The Gah-men should fricking stop these ridiculous government policies about E-Everything. Especially when the "E" in "E-Filing" stands for "error".

Mr Brown and Vanessa Tan have both recently written articles on income tax. I thought I'd share my own indirect experiences with I-ARE-A-ASS.

I've filed my taxes way ahead of time like a good docile Singapore citizen - and after tremendous nagging from my wife. My wife, the model of a good public servant (they don't pay her enough to be civil) actually started -attempting- to file taxes two weeks before I did, and has not managed to file her taxes till today. Every time she inputs her Singpass, it kicks her back to the home page.

What makes matters worse - she's a government servant, so she's supposed to be on this "special" scheme where her income is automatically reported to I-ARE-A-ASS. I've inferred that it is "Special" in the same way the "Special Olympics" are "special". So now she's in limbo about whether to file her taxes or not. And no one, not one customer service person, can give her a confirmation whether she has to file her taxes.

Needless to say, it's worked wonders on marital bliss.


akikonomu said...

Try filing the form using Internet Explorer instead of Opera or Mozilla. I learnt the hard way.

Anthony said...

Wife doesn't use Mozilla and I filed using Mozilla. Wierd huh?