Friday, August 31, 2007

Heroes World Tour 2007 Singapore Pictures

This post should be called "A Overgrown Heroes Fanboi".

The last leg of the Heroes World Tour in Asia was Singapore. I discovered this as I was walking through VivoCity, a stone's throw away from where I work.

This was an opportunity too good to miss. I took a half day leave, and I wasn't disappointed.

The event started with the two MC's trying to lather up the crowd. I think they were Star World VJ's or something. I certainly didn't recognise them.

Whashisname and Whashername - MC's for the event


More Pictures of Whashisname and Whashername

The first event of the day was a contest to imitate the infamous Hiro Nakamura scene where he teleports to New York. Of the four contestants, one didn't even know the scene and one claimed to have a sore throat. I was flabberghasted. Needless to say, the crowd wasn't too pleased.

Hapless contestants - Contest to shout "Yatta!"

This was followed by a random question and answer session. Standing on the 2nd floor I was unable to show off my |337 fanboi trivia skills. The questions weren't too hard though.

After a long while of waiting, some of the enthusiasm died down. The VJ's dilligently tried to generate interest but it was clear that the crowd was flagging.

Then, not a moment too soon, the Heroes cast walked in with security in tow.

First Glimpse of Ali Larter

The crowd went absolutely bananas. I think they must have cheered a good 5 minutes before the MC's could get a word in edgewise.


Ali Larter waving and Greg Grumberg hamming it up

This first thing I recall thinking as Ali Larter strode up was "Damn she's hot!". The second thing I recall thinking was "She looks taller in the show." Ali Larter spoke with a distinct Valley Girl accent.

Greg Grumberg was a suprise. He completely hammed it up for the crowd, was incredibly charming and energetic, and even spoke a few words in Singlish!


Sendhill Ramamurthy and Masi Oka addressing the crowd

The big suprise for me was how well the cast seemed to be taking their newfound (in some cases, refound) fame - Masi Oka especially. He seemed almost shy from all the attention. Sendhill Ramamurthy was nervous, I think. I couldn't hear a single word he was saying.


Greg Grumberg and Masi Oka rapping - Damn cool!

I've heard for a while that Masi Oka does beat-boxing - or the art of providing a beat acapella to a rap. Greg and Masi did a small rap of appreciation for Singapore.

I was a little disappointed though. The MC's promised some news about the 2nd season, but the much-hyped 2nd season rumours, however, weren't anything more that "It's gonna be awesome".

No biggie. Kudos to the Heroes cast for being such sports!

Bonus: Placards seen at Heroes World Tour 2007

"Marry me Mohinder!"
"Yatta! (Corresponding hiragana on reverse)"
"I heart Sexy Geneticists!"
"Whip me Jessica!"
"Read my mind, Parkman!"
"Sylar stole my power or I'd be famous too!" (my personal fave)

Monday, August 27, 2007


What a weekend!

The weekend started with me rushing down to CCK for open session. I was particularly looking forward to training that day because of one of the seniors from Finland, Ilkka, was taking training that day.

Unfortunately for me, I had consumed an excess of cheese in the afternoon. Yes, I was stupid. My lack of tolerance for cheese is pretty well-documented, but I did not notice the slather of cheese cunningly concealed between two medium rare beef patties. Worse, it was blue cheese (who the heck uses blue cheese in a burger?!). End result: I spent most of the night retching away.

After training, and -ahem- purging whatever I could, we went for drinks. Ilkka, Greg, Aaron and I spent till wee hours of the morning chatting about stuff. I told Ilkka and Greg about my fear of fighting and getting hit. To my surprise, Greg understood exactly where I was coming from. I feel a lot better at having 'fessed up to it (more about this aspect in future, I promise). Ilkka suggests a way where I can get over my psychological fear of getting hit that he will try next weekend. I can't wait.


Saturday was my birfday. There was cake, food, friends, food, a Shogun game and more food. Finally got to hang out with Ed, Miche and Erik. It was cool.


Sunday saw me heading down to Greg's to pick him and Ilkka up for classes. Sounds like I missed a wonderful time on Saturday, since I was having my own wonderful time. At class, I got a chance to work on some of the things Ilkka was talking about. It worked better than expected. I think Greg was suprised at one point that I could actually deliver a hit from so far off.

Ilkka's abrazare training was really cool too. I'm constantly amazed by how little strength actually matters in wrestling. Every time Ilkka demonstrated a move, I felt like there was absolutely nothing I could have done. He practically flowed from one position to the next. It was awesome and inspiring.

It was fantastic. I'm aching and bruised all over and I can't wait to go for more aches and bruises tonight.

Monday, August 20, 2007

A Mental Barometer

My competence in swordplay is inversely proportionate to how troubled my mind is.

Yesterday marks one of the best sessions I've had in a long, long while. I scored a couple of decent hits on Greg and while my swordplay was still sloppy and far from competent, I am beginning to stop anticipating how things would go and try to react to certain attacks, defenses and the such. A small but significant improvement from previous sessions of getting whacked senseless.

I will make no bones about it. I know that my recent decisions have hurt someone I care very much about. I also know it's the right decision. The strain I've been labouring under for a long time is gone. It shows. I am sad, angry, depressed and my heart is aching, but my mind is clear and filled with purpose again.

Tome says I'm becoming predictable. Perhaps I am. Perhaps I am just developing my own style. Feints are not my style. Positioning beyond what is necessary to get a decent strike in is beyond me at this point. My sword and wrist work is credible but not fantastic. My greatest strength is currently close-in, in-your-face combat, where I can bring my (relative) power and stability to bear.

I know I have a long way to go to address my weaknesses, but for the first time in a long while, I feel like I know where I am going.

Wednesday, August 15, 2007

This Day, A Year Ago

I was on the Berkeley waterfront pier. The Golden Gate bridge stretched out in front of me, except I could not see it. The infamous Bay Area summer fog obscured it. Beside me there were men fishing. Kids were scampering around, their families in tow.

The pier is almost half a mile long. That day it felt longer. I walked to the end of the pier and paced around, waiting.

There was nothing left in my apartment. No TV. No furniture. Just a bunch of boxes and two large suitcases. Like my first day there, only in reverse. I couldn't bear sitting around in my apartment. It felt like death row. So I took my rental out and ended up at Berkeley Waterfront, my very first relaxation spot and easily my favourite.

I remember crying. I couldn't stop the tears. Some passers-by glanced at me, but I turned away. Every innocent glance looked accusatory to me. I couldn't face them. Not yet.

The fishermen caught a small shark. As they reeled it up, curious children gawked at it. A few of the braver ones approached. After a friendly warning by the fishermen about shark skin, a particularly courageous child poked a finger into the side of the shark. I smiled for a brief moment.

A few moments later, red light washed across the horizon. I looked up, and the moment I had been waiting for passed all too quickly. The sun set over a mountain up north.

I walked back to my rental and headed back to my apartment. I had a plane to catch the next day.

Monday, August 06, 2007

Why Asian Girls Go For White Guys

Interesting video, apparently filmed in the Berkeley/San Francisco area. I note that these issues appear even in areas where races have been better integrated than Singapore. Post-colonialism accusations might be therefore somewhat overstated.

That being said, the video already presumes a stereotype. I'm curious how true this stereotype holds true in Singapore. It may very well be that the stereotyping has become the reality. I certainly hope not.

EDIT: Listen for the part of the video where they ask if Asian guys are too feminine. Talk about rubbing salt on wounds!

Friday, August 03, 2007


Bloody #@$@%!!! Is my face THAT feminine?

Thursday, August 02, 2007

Spoken at Lunch

Me: I'll have the fish and chips.

Waitress: Okay, what would you like to drink?

Me: I'll just have the water.

Waitress: Oh, I'm sorry, we don't serve water here. How about mineral water?

Me: -slightly annoyed- Okay, I'll have an ice tea then.

*****minutes later*****

Waitress: Oh, I'm sorry, we're out of fish for the fish and chips. Would you like to order something else?

Me: -incredibly annoyed- Oh really. Must be the lack of water here.