Sunday, December 18, 2005

Rivendell, Lothlorien and Lost Ones

Shyue Chou, Brian, Poon and I

The last time I met these guys was when I was 17. They were former co-residents of Rivendell and Lothlorien, two BBS sites where I used to hang out at back in the days of 2400 bps modems. There are people from that BBS I'd prefer to forget of course, but these are the people that I should have remembered but didn't.

Life got in the way.

We talked. The last time I had met them, I hadn't entered NS yet. That's three entire stages of my life where I had not seen them - NS, Uni and eventually career. We talked, we caught up, and out of morbid curiousity, I asked about some of the people in the BBS I'd rather have forgotten. I felt more than a little disappointed when I heard that some of these characters hadn't changed one bit.

All in all, though, I'm glad all of us managed to find our way around life eventually. At 16, we were angsty, depressed and angry at the world. At 29, we had or have successful careers, and can look back on our teenage days with a little embarassment, but much nostalgia.

There were several turning points in my life - and meeting these people on Lothlorien was one of them. As an angsty, wound-up teenager, finding out that you weren't as alone as you thought was a godsend - even if my sanity was often tried with this bunch.

I wish you all the best. Lothlorienites, Rivendellians, and all that have entered my life but, through my own lack of care, have dropped out of my life.


Mythical said...

sorry missed you tonight.

-ben said...

You look like you lost weight, Anthony. You are in perfect shape to binge this festive season!

Anthony said...

Darth Sidhe,

No sweat. I'll arrange a time to meet up with you.


Sharp eyes - I have lost 20 pounds living in California. Something about living there encourages healthy living

Yang Guo said...

Say,just came upon this when I was curious abt my friends from old... wondering if there are any others from Lothlorien BBS around. I could still recognize Poon from the photo! The last (and only) time I met him was more than 10 years ago at a gathering.


Anthony said...

Hey Yang Guo,

Shyue Chou is probably a lot more in touch with the old Lothlorienites than I am.