Tuesday, December 13, 2005

Food For Thought

I finished my last exam, submitted my research paper and had a good dinner. I am amazed by the amount of time I had left over after every exam, and how much time I -didn't- need. Oh, and I passed my MPRE. Yay me.

I fly back tonight, near-midnight. A time warp will throw me in Singapore at about 11.30 am on the 14th of December. For fun and entertainment on the flight, I loaded up on onions and beans for dinner. That should make me real popular. I hope they upgrade me to First Class. Perhaps my -ahem- personality will be in first class while I languish in economy.

Then, it's a couple of weeks of enjoying Teh-O Peng with old friends and annoying the heck out of my productively employed friends.

Life is good.


BlackRX said...

Enjoy your time back home. I will be sure to seek your opinions on the myriad social changes I have missed out on observing, when you return. I don't IM anymore, but heck, surely I can place a call to Cal, okay?

Anthony said...


That sounds like a capitol plan! Email me, I still have net access this neck of the woods.

-ben said...

Godspeed (secular version: Have a safe trip!) and Merry Christmas (secular version: Happy Holidays!)!

May you find lots of presents under the Christmas tree (secular version: Holiday Tree)!

May the big block of organic tofu in the sky grant you a long life of non-violence and conservation...