Wednesday, June 15, 2005

T-Plus 5 Days

Still in an US$3/hour cafe, so I can't type much. I get my cable connection in two days. When I do, I'll write about the hundreds of stories that I've accumulated in the very short time I am here.

Suffice to say, they involve long-forgotten people from my past, tres chic new friends, a throbbing finger from having hammered my index finger (literally), a funny-looking TV Rack, and the pain of not having a California Driver's License.

Akan Datang. Be back in a day. Promise.


Mythical said...

Ah, I just hope I'm not a "long-forgotten person from your past". *grin*

Apocalyptic Wen said...

Get your connection quick! We're waiting for you to do SM and RFD.

One Little Twit said...

Guess you will be glad to be home again :-)