Wednesday, June 22, 2005

Movie Meme

Got tagged by Slinky a while back - but was too busy angsting over my move that I haven't followed up on it. So here it is.

Total Number of films I own on DVD/Video

Probably in the hundreds. God bless JB.

The Last Film I Bought

Sin City. Watch it. It's GOOD!

Five Films I Watch A Lot/Mean a Lot to Me

This will sound strange but....


The Chinese version, not the Dustin Hoffman version. At the risk of sounding cheenah, I so totally -get- the movie. From a story version on flawed anti-heroes, to cold calculating heroes, to the very essence of a chinese hero, the movie told one story with a flawed first person narrative structure that doesn't often work in movies - except this one. Add that to gorgeous cinematography, beautifully choreographed action scenes and actors that know what they are doing!

Oh. And it had Donnie Yuen. That man is a legend. Get him some good parts please!


Forget Saving Ryan's Privates and The Thin Red Line. If there's a movie that ever potrayed the dehumanising effect on war, this is it. It was heartbreaking to see the elder brother take on mission after dangerous mission just to get his brother out of the draft and into university. It was more heartbreaking to watch him lose his purpose, then his humanity.

Okay, so it was melodramatic, and quite OTT towards the end, but if you EVER had siblings you love deeply, I guarantee this movie will pull some tears from you.


I love anything by Guy Ritchie, but I think this is my favourite of his works. Edgy and fricking hilarious, it makes Pulp Fiction look like a lame retard. Not to say I don't like Pulp Fiction. I just like Guy Ritchie films so much more. The dialogue is just nice and tight, and the humour wicked.

Oh, and who doesn't like Brad Pitt and Vinnie Jones? I mean really?

The Incredibles

Another family-oriented movie. I loved this one especially because it had so many layers that appealed to me. The kiddy stuff, the animation is great. But the scripting was so excellent that it dealt with very adult stuff in a very understandable way. Another tear-jerker from me was when Mr Incredible yells out in frustration "I'm not strong enough!". God knows I've been there so many times, and I don't know a single married man who hasn't felt that way before.

A Better Tomorrow

I'm sorry. It had to be done. The grand-daddy of all HK gangster movies. The movie that made Chow Yuen Fatt a legend. The story that taught me all I need to know about friendship (and yes, I do realise how screwed up that makes me sound).

'Nuff said.

Tag 5 People and Have Them Put It In Their Blog

Linda Chia (cos I want her to keep writing)
Edward Yong (cos I know what he's going to write)
Gloria Ho (cos I don't know what she's going to write)
BigFuck (cos I know this will piss him off. :D)
One Little Twit (just coz!)


vandice said...

"A Better Tomorrow"! Yeah, finally somebody who appreciates one of HK cinema's greatest classics. And yes, it taught me abt loyalty, brotherhood and that truth often has many shades of meaning. Them young peeper nowadays ah... no respect for HK productions...

Anthony said...

I oso say!

Mythical said...

Haha... Hero is the only foreign-language film I have in my collection!

Anthony said...

Hero deserves to be there man!

It's a beautiful piece of storytelling.