Saturday, June 25, 2005

Been There... the T-Shirt!

I learnt a valueable lesson today - never make a boast you can't keep. Yes, I went to Google today. No, I'm not about to write in detail about it.

Because friends are more valueable than any boast I can make.

Jay was a class act. He was responsible for the wonderful lunch I had, he was responsible for the cool T-shirt I now own and he's one of two friends have who live here. Because I can't endanger Jay's job by any inadvertent disclosure to detail that I can make, I will write only that the details don't matter.

Sounds self-contradictory? Not so.

Think, if you will, of Rodin's statue "David". Imagine that you own this coveted statue. Like many others before you, you know have the opportunity to study, in detail, the many nuances of Rodin's masterpiece.

Assuming that you got every detail right, would you have duplicated "David"?

I argue not.

There are many terms for this quality. The French call it "'je ne sais quoi". The fashion industry calls it the "X-Factor". Houduins call it "mojo". Sportmen call it the "110%". Businessmen call it the "Midas Touch".

I have a simple term for it. Greatness.

Like all forms of greatness, the details are mere symptoms, not the processes by which greatness is acheived.

Today, I've witnessed greatness. I did not think it possible for greatness to exist in the corporate world, yet today, there it stood, a complete success story, there in brick and mortar, flesh and blood.

And now that I've witnessed greatness I am now ever more determined to find my own greatness. For that, I thank you, Jay.


Anonymous said...

'Jeune se qua'? I think you mean 'je ne sais quoi'/ Or maybe I have no idea what you're talking about at all.

Anthony said...

Darn it. You're right!

Darn my long-forgotten french.

Mythical said...

Haha... maybe Gogol is Ukrainian for Google.

Anthony said...

Trust you to make obscure billigual puns.

One Little Twit said...

All's cool!

Go forth and find your own greatness now! It's amazing how other people can make us more motivated and want to work for it.


Anthony said...

One Little Twit,

No kidding. Google eye-opener to say the least.