Sunday, June 19, 2005

Father's Day

There's something about being 8000 miles from home that makes everything at home rose-tinted. Even my dad.

Make no mistakes. I love my dad to bits. He's just very...undemonstrative. Were he a Roman, he'd have rised through the ranks with great ease. So when I got off the phone with him after talking to him for a full 15 minutes, I was suprised to say the least.

I've often claimed to be very much my mother's son. I didn't realise how much of my father's son I was, until one week ago.

I wrote in my previous entry about my various trials since getting here. I cannot say I've been unaffected by them. But as I plod on regardless, I realise depths I never knew I had. What patience and silent resilience I have, I inherited from a man who worked his way through school, and carved out a good life for himself with his bare hands.

So, as I spend my first Father's Day so far away from my old man, I can only thank the gifts he's given me, and continue my best wishes for him.

Happy Father's Day, Dad.

The Neighbourhood

I realise I haven't actually shot many pictures of the neighbourhood I now live in. Suffice to say, it's suburban heaven. I'm less than a block away from Willard Park. It's a beautiful open space. On weekends I can see families having picnics and playing ball.

Willard Park

Playground at Willard Park

The thing I love most about my new neighbourhood is the fact that, while it's suburban, it's not uniform. I see buildings made of wood, brick and concrete. I see apartment buildings (like the one I live in) and beautiful 1920's style housing, like this one.

I've taken to walking around the neighbourhood a bit during lazy warm afternoons. Apparently it shows - my mom claims I've lost weight during my inaugural webcam sessions yesterday. Then again, this is my mom - who takes every bit of weight loss personally.

My wife, of course, claims the webcam is flattering.


One Little Twit said...

I love the apartment. I should like to grow flowers there and live a total idyllic life and come home from work every day and bask in the evening sun.

Anthony said...


One day...

Gilbert Koh said...

On Roman fathers and Roman sons ... read this.