Friday, June 24, 2005

I Did It!

To everyone who says the US Driving test is a piece of cake, I can only say "I hope you choke on that cake." Reason - no matter how easy a test is, it only takes one circumstance beyond your control to really mess things up.

Wednesday was the most awful day I had since I got here. I failed my driving test first try. Sadly it wasn't my fault. Some idiot driver cut into my lane while I was making a left turn. He approached from my blind spot, so I couldn't see him - leading to tester intervention which was an immediate failure.

I think the tester took pity on me, because he offered an unscheduled test the very next morning. I thanked him profusely. The rest of that Wednesday left my nerves in very bad shape - because all I could do was wait for the test next morning, and speculating the consequences of failing a second time.

Thankfully I didn't. I passed it this morning. Joy! I immediately rushed out and bought a nice second-hand Civic. I know I probably got gouged, but I don't care anymore. I got my license, got rid of my rental and drove off with my Civic, all in one day.

My Ah-Beng Car

I'm so relieved. That was the very last item I had before school next week. I can now spend my weekend in peace - and I shall.

I'm heading to Google tomorrow! With a camera!


KnightofPentacles said...

All you need now are the flashing neon lights.

Honda Civic.. *chuckle*

Wrong generation lah. The hot Beng models now are the WRX and Evos.

Slinky said...

congratulations! And yes, the flashy blue neon lights are in order. Maybe a pounding bass sytem would help too.

Lucky not an Evo.

Anthony said...

Knight of Pentacles

What? Next thing you're gonna tell me is that the Toyota Trueno is out of production. :D


Dude, if I could -afford- an Imprezza WRX or an Evo IX, I'd just have spent the money on improving my apartment. :D


Blue? What kind of 2nd-rate lian are you? We're talking flashing gold undercarriage with multicoloured NOx sprays!

And I know all this because I play Need for Speed Underground 2 - also known as "Barbie for Men". :D

vandice said...

way to go anthony! Drive defensively hor. Drivers in big cities are really impatient one.

Anthony said...


My experience here is that there are (1) fewer taxis on the road and therefore (2) a far pleasanter driving experience.

Yellowjacket said...

Make sure you get a bad-ass license plate...

Mythical said...

Oh... cool. You can now be part of the Dark Sidhe of the Force. Haha!

Apocalyptic Wen said...

Now if you need a bodykit or performance parts give me a holler and I'll dig out something.

Did you get the Civic Coupe or the Civic Saloon? (The Coupes have a nice sunroof and are pretty flashy when "Zheng-ed".)

Anthony said...

It's a salon. Unfortunately.

Get's less beng every time I reveal a detail about it eh?