Wednesday, June 08, 2005

T-Minus 2 Days

Got my power transformers today. It was suprisingly easy. There's one apparently dedicated to the X-Box and I got the one for my computer from Sim Lim. I even had enough time to check out some books from Sunny's and get some World of Warcraft time in today.

I've managed to get everything that I -can- pack into boxes already. Some other things I -can't- pack (like my PC) because I still need them for day to day use.

Almost got over my cold - the remnants still trouble me, but not as much.

During dinner tonight, I struggled with peeling my own apple skin, as I always have. Not that I can't do it - I just can't do it well, efficiently or neatly. My apple slices would always end up misshapen or wrong-sized. My mom, fighting back tears, insisted on peeling the apple for me. She said she wouldn't have a chance to do so for a long time.

My need for independence lost out to letting my mom do the little things she can to manage her sadness.

I left for teh with my friends at night. During teh, I spoke to one of my friends interning at the Straits Times about the recent...mistakes made by the Straits Times vis-a-vis bloggers in general. Though I suspect little will -actually- be done, it felt good to do the right thing. Sadly, feedback in Singapore, like many other Asian countries, have to be done by carefully placed words to the right people.

Very much like letting my mom peel the apple, actually.


Gilbert Koh said...

Ask your mummy to read your blog ....

Anthony said...

Thought about it many times. The jury is still out.

Like many chinese families, we don't handle our emotions very well. Strangely, thanks to my semi-western upbringing, I'm very comfortable talking about my emotions to perfect strangers, just not to my parents.

So the long and short of it is that, while I'm perfectly happy to have my mom discover this blog, I won't deliberately point her to it.

kelvin said...

My mom, fighting back tears, insisted on peeling the apple for me. She said she wouldn't have a chance to do so for a long time.

This part is so touching. I gather you are emigrating? Is there any blog entry that described your decision process?

I play Warcraft 3 too but not WOW btw hehe. =)

Anthony said...

Hi Kelvin,

Welcome to my blog. Yes, there was one I wrote about the decision a while ago. Here's the link.

I'm not quite emigrating. I'm leaving for 5 years (if all goes well). I'm taking my LLM and my wife is doing her PhD.

Anonymous said...

Thanks Anthony. I too have read Colin Goh's excellent commentary a few years ago. I can certainly understand what you are saying about "I can live knowing that I tried and failed. I cannot live knowing that I never tried because I was too comfortable."

All the best to your time in the US.