Tuesday, April 01, 2008


No, not income tax.

The end of March brings me many happy returns. I've returned to training after a one-month hiatus. I've returned to my 9-to-5 job, and won't be travelling (I hope) until the end of April. More importantly, I've returned to a routine where I can spend time with my various groups of friends. And of course, I return to blogging.

The fact that I've taken such a long hiatus is telling. My armour is developing large patches of rust and will need to be cleaned out. My swordfighting stamina has reduced, but suprisingly my legs seem to have strengthened from all that walking around. I seem to be landing a bit more lightly on my feet. On the minus side, my sword work has gone to absolute bullocks. Looks like the rust affected more than just my armour.

The craziness of returning to work in the middle of financial year-end closing also seems to have died down. Interesting developments career-wise, which bode well for me.

I've also gone back to WoWing semi-regularly. Things are a lot more relaxed this time round, without the frenzy of wanting to do everything and the kitchen sink.

Also hanging out with my friends more - I don't get a chance like that every part of the year so best enjoy it while I can.

No angst, no anger, no drama, just a flow of little things that make me happy. I can't ask for more really.


eastcoastlife said...

Thanks for stopping by my blog. I'm the guest who visited your training session at the Eurasian Community House. hehe....

It was a real eye-opener to the art of historical swordsmanship. A fun night for me. Might drop by again....

Khayce said...


The pleasure was ours. Glad to see you are so enthusiastic about the art and hope to see you again.

P.S It's really not -that- hard to swing the sword. Really.