Thursday, March 20, 2008

Images from Tokyo

Some photos on my trip to Tokyo

This was a family having their traditional Japanese Wedding at the Meiji Shrine, near Harajuku. They were one of three families that day having a wedding. The kimono looked awesome.

I missed sakura season, but I definitely didn't miss plum flower season. I think these were taken in Shinjuku Gyoyen, but I can't quite remember - I just saw so many of them.

An awesome cityscape picture of the Shibuya district. The shopping scene is awesome there. I'm told the clubbing is also awesome but I didn't go.

Performers at Yoyogi Park. These drummers are damn awesome - I saw taiko drums being used alongside cowbells and african drums. Hypnotic rhythm.

At the Tokyo Anime Center with some of my favourite anime characters. On a side rant, I got the coat and hat in Tokyo.

Me beside the Big Bad Wolf. 'Nuff said.

Was suprised that the Free Hug movement went as far as Tokyo. This was the second group I saw - the first was at Hachiko near Shibuya.

Some modestly dressed Harajuku youths. I use the word "modestly" quite carefully. There were many many more gothic lolitas and punk rockers there.

Kabuchiko - Tokyo's red light district, as shown from a safe distance.

More when I have time to post them.

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