Friday, April 25, 2008

I Cry Defiance

You are my senior. You have only to ask, and I will follow.

Be careful what you ask for.

You can ask me to hurry up. You can take things easy. You cannot expect me to hurry while you take things easy. If I run, you run. If you walk, I walk. If I turn around and not see the baton there waiting in my hand, don't expect me to continue running.

You can ask me to hurry up. You can ask me to double check your work. You cannot ask me to hurry up while having to double check your work. If you want me to hurry up, I have to be able that trust you will do your job. I cannot hurry while doing my job and your job at the same time.

You can trust my judgment. You can question my judgment. You cannot cherry-pick which parts of my judgment to trust. My judgment is rendered in its entirety, after considering all the aspects in totality. My judgment is not rendered for your convenience, but your best interests. You take it, good with the bad, or you reject it outright for its flaws.

You can act in good faith. You can keep your power. You cannot keep your power while pretending to act in good faith. That is either hypocrisy or denial, neither of which I condone.

You can ask me to be detached. You can ask me to be loyal. You cannot ask me to be detached while being loyal. Detachment means I feel nothing for you, even loyalty. Detachment requires that I not be here, under-appreciated for what I do. I've given up greener pastures for my loyalty. Don't expect me to feel nothing for what I've given up.



Anonymous said...

Haha!! I really know how you feel. It is called bad management. Hope you're well.


Khayce said...

Am mostly well, save for my occasional incursions into moronland.

Anonymous said...

Yes it's very frustrating working under little tyrants or relatively junior people on ego trips. But since I got out of Corporate it hasn't been too bad. It's not as bad when people are morons with no grand designs, or when very clever people with massive egos tell you what to do, but incompetent people who think they are that damn good are the worst. Thankfully not many of those where I am now.

Good to know that you are well.


Khayce said...

Actually, the person I'm thinking of here is actually fairly senior. Unfortunately, seniority has no correlation to intelligence.