Monday, July 10, 2006

A Good Deed


I finally had some time for personal upkeep yesterday. As I was winding down towards the last two weeks of my bar exam preparation, I decided to shave off all the remaining stubble on my head for good.

I must admit I was influenced in part by this. I've always been a sucker for children's charities. I can't join them, and I'm down on my luck, so the least I can do is show some support in spirit.

I've never really been happy with my hair. Fully grown, it is a curly monstrosity that just refuses to be tamed. My scalp stubble feels like velcro. My t-shirt gets caught by it as I am putting it on. My hair is -that- thick. Yet, there are children who would kill for any hair, even mine.

I hope people sign up for this. If nothing else, it reminds us how much hair means, and how little hair -really- means.


-ben said...

Nice. I like it. Your head is pretty much spherical on top, which is perfect for that "hair style." Now, with most of the hair gone, you will discover that those vents on bicycle helmets really do work.

I can't do that. My head is kind of flat on top and on the back, and the top is flat. My parents must have dropped me on my head a lot when I was an infant.

Anthony said...

I discovered the vents on bicycle helmets do work a while back.

I like the hairstyle except for the velcro effect. I might go back to my old two-inch hairstyle.

BlackRX said...

Coincidentally, I did the same: use a shaving razor for a "Number 0" haircut, way beyond the army's "Number 2" (I think that refers to the size of the hair clipper attachment) regulations, hah. The hair clipper I was using stopped working (hmm, a message from above?), I saw the same Hair for Hope ad you did at several bus stops in Spore, and I told myself it's the least I could do too. I might go down to Suntec to catch some of the proceedings.

Actually, right now I am thinking of avenues for community service. Maybe the animal shelter near my apt in the 3Cs. I love both cats and dogs.

Oh, I rested my head against the window in an aircon bus. Man, the number zero haircut is as close a hairshaving experience as one can get.