Sunday, July 23, 2006

Bar Exam Minus 3 Days

I am suprisingly calm.

My taking of this exam has been an unmitigated disaster. I have, in the process of preparing for my bar exam:

(1) my laptop crash so badly I can't use it for my California Bar Exam
(2) have to leave a job, because of the stress of everything that was happening

and last but not least

(3) Go through a week of cursing, swearing, crying, angsting and finally, accepting that my wife and I have marital differences, bad enough that she wants to leave the marriage.

I'm done - everything I know, I know. Everything I don't, I can only read lightly to stop myself from imploding from the sheer weight of material.

I've been reading that the California Bar is a psychological test of endurance. Somehow, it looks absolutely pale in comparison to what I've already been through.

I don't know if this will be enough to pass, but I know that whatever happens, it will be in God's hands.


-ben said...

You forgot to mention the heat.

Good luck for your bar exam, Anthony!

gecko said...

All the best, Anthony.

Anonymous said...

Good luck, Anthony!

Alphabet Moppet said...

oh dear, i'm sorry to hear that. Well, i could be reached to uh.. msn if you need a listening ear :) hellotwit at hotmail.

Jim Profit said...

Everything will work out in the end. Everything always does.
What we expect, we attract.
Jim Profit

Anthony said...

Thank you all.

I'm praying like mad too.

mr wang said...

Hey there, I haven't dropped by for some time. Didn't know you were having all these problems. If/when you're back in S'pore and if you feel like talking, call me. Take care.