Monday, August 27, 2007


What a weekend!

The weekend started with me rushing down to CCK for open session. I was particularly looking forward to training that day because of one of the seniors from Finland, Ilkka, was taking training that day.

Unfortunately for me, I had consumed an excess of cheese in the afternoon. Yes, I was stupid. My lack of tolerance for cheese is pretty well-documented, but I did not notice the slather of cheese cunningly concealed between two medium rare beef patties. Worse, it was blue cheese (who the heck uses blue cheese in a burger?!). End result: I spent most of the night retching away.

After training, and -ahem- purging whatever I could, we went for drinks. Ilkka, Greg, Aaron and I spent till wee hours of the morning chatting about stuff. I told Ilkka and Greg about my fear of fighting and getting hit. To my surprise, Greg understood exactly where I was coming from. I feel a lot better at having 'fessed up to it (more about this aspect in future, I promise). Ilkka suggests a way where I can get over my psychological fear of getting hit that he will try next weekend. I can't wait.


Saturday was my birfday. There was cake, food, friends, food, a Shogun game and more food. Finally got to hang out with Ed, Miche and Erik. It was cool.


Sunday saw me heading down to Greg's to pick him and Ilkka up for classes. Sounds like I missed a wonderful time on Saturday, since I was having my own wonderful time. At class, I got a chance to work on some of the things Ilkka was talking about. It worked better than expected. I think Greg was suprised at one point that I could actually deliver a hit from so far off.

Ilkka's abrazare training was really cool too. I'm constantly amazed by how little strength actually matters in wrestling. Every time Ilkka demonstrated a move, I felt like there was absolutely nothing I could have done. He practically flowed from one position to the next. It was awesome and inspiring.

It was fantastic. I'm aching and bruised all over and I can't wait to go for more aches and bruises tonight.


Anonymous said...

ha ha ha. And the coif was nice too.

Anthony said...

The coif was fantastic!

-ben said...

What are you talking about? Blue cheese in burgers is the bomb! Especially if the patty is done medium-rare. Man, pure yummilicious! :-D

As for wrestlers... frankly, I do not think much of them. I witnessed a near-physical confrontation between 2 housemates once: one was 5 feet 8, 176 lbs (80 kg), the other, 6 feet 5, 340 lbs (154.5 kg). The small guy, a hot-headed wrestler, tried to intimidate the bigger guy. The big guy stared the smaller guy down, laughing, "What are you going to do? Pick me up and slam me down?" The wrestler then slunk away to his room. LOL!

Anthony said...


Size is a factor but less than what most people think. I'm fairly sure I outweigh my Finnish instructor by a factor of 30-50%, and it was still a complete wash.

I think technique is incredibly important. There are some muscles in the body you just -cannot- use effectively to resist a hold/lock/takedown.

I'll be happy to experiment though! Chris, our other instructor, is a huge guy and practices Systema on top of everything. He's terrifying in hand-to-hand.

-ben said...

Oh yes! forgot to mention, HAPPY BIRTHDAY!

So you did meet up with Inferno Ed then. I have been bugging him to update his blog.

Slinky has her wheels!!!!