Friday, August 31, 2007

Heroes World Tour 2007 Singapore Pictures

This post should be called "A Overgrown Heroes Fanboi".

The last leg of the Heroes World Tour in Asia was Singapore. I discovered this as I was walking through VivoCity, a stone's throw away from where I work.

This was an opportunity too good to miss. I took a half day leave, and I wasn't disappointed.

The event started with the two MC's trying to lather up the crowd. I think they were Star World VJ's or something. I certainly didn't recognise them.

Whashisname and Whashername - MC's for the event


More Pictures of Whashisname and Whashername

The first event of the day was a contest to imitate the infamous Hiro Nakamura scene where he teleports to New York. Of the four contestants, one didn't even know the scene and one claimed to have a sore throat. I was flabberghasted. Needless to say, the crowd wasn't too pleased.

Hapless contestants - Contest to shout "Yatta!"

This was followed by a random question and answer session. Standing on the 2nd floor I was unable to show off my |337 fanboi trivia skills. The questions weren't too hard though.

After a long while of waiting, some of the enthusiasm died down. The VJ's dilligently tried to generate interest but it was clear that the crowd was flagging.

Then, not a moment too soon, the Heroes cast walked in with security in tow.

First Glimpse of Ali Larter

The crowd went absolutely bananas. I think they must have cheered a good 5 minutes before the MC's could get a word in edgewise.


Ali Larter waving and Greg Grumberg hamming it up

This first thing I recall thinking as Ali Larter strode up was "Damn she's hot!". The second thing I recall thinking was "She looks taller in the show." Ali Larter spoke with a distinct Valley Girl accent.

Greg Grumberg was a suprise. He completely hammed it up for the crowd, was incredibly charming and energetic, and even spoke a few words in Singlish!


Sendhill Ramamurthy and Masi Oka addressing the crowd

The big suprise for me was how well the cast seemed to be taking their newfound (in some cases, refound) fame - Masi Oka especially. He seemed almost shy from all the attention. Sendhill Ramamurthy was nervous, I think. I couldn't hear a single word he was saying.


Greg Grumberg and Masi Oka rapping - Damn cool!

I've heard for a while that Masi Oka does beat-boxing - or the art of providing a beat acapella to a rap. Greg and Masi did a small rap of appreciation for Singapore.

I was a little disappointed though. The MC's promised some news about the 2nd season, but the much-hyped 2nd season rumours, however, weren't anything more that "It's gonna be awesome".

No biggie. Kudos to the Heroes cast for being such sports!

Bonus: Placards seen at Heroes World Tour 2007

"Marry me Mohinder!"
"Yatta! (Corresponding hiragana on reverse)"
"I heart Sexy Geneticists!"
"Whip me Jessica!"
"Read my mind, Parkman!"
"Sylar stole my power or I'd be famous too!" (my personal fave)

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