Friday, February 24, 2006

Pandora's Box

When Pandora's Box was opened, the last entity to exit for the mortal world was Hope.

I've often wondered why Hope was trapped in there with all the evils. I've read accounts that it was either (i) without the evil, there was no need for hope or (ii) that hope was the greatest of all evils.

After today, I think it's a little of both.

So, I had an offer, and a sponsor for a work visa. There was only one catch. The prevailing wage requirements meant that she had to overpay me. And she could not do that. This was in spite of the fact that (i) the prevailing wage does not take into account the fact that she's a sole proprietor and (ii) that she's not located in "prime" Sillicon Valley.

And after a week of running around like a madman trying to put the pieces together for what is needed for a work visa, I end up with a big fat zero.

I'm going to be off for the next few weeks sulking and angsting about being back to square one. I really wished I had a happy ending for everyone today, but it just isn't happening.


-ben said...

Wait until you read about the blanket policy by INS that all jobs related to sales do NOT require degrees, regardless of what the company states in the job's minimum qualifications. Whether you are selling cars, vacuum cleaners, servers or nuclear reactors, the same applies: any GED dude can do it.

What hogwash : |

Chuang Shyue Chou said...

Take it easy, Anthony.

Mythical said...

You could always contact my sister at and ask her how she got hers...

Anthony said...


I found out a variation of that - paralegals apparently do not require degrees either.

Shyue Chou,

I'm cool now, but still moody and disappointed.

Darth Sidhe,

Big difference in East Coast and West Coast job markets. Plus she's an engin grad.

israphale said...

Hey Khayce, commiserations. We've all been there before... Chin up! Remember that employers can smell desperation, but like enthusiasm. Also, remember that you are a beautiful and unique snowflake, with or without a job.

ted said...

Jia you, bie fang qi!

Mythical said...

She's a linguist, not an engineer!