Wednesday, February 15, 2006

Love Is...

Love is paying the wages of of someone else's sin.

Love is the sacrifice you never knew you'd make, and don't mind making now that you know.

Love is the answer to the question "What the **** am I doing here?!"

Love is the courage to send out just one more job application after a long string of rejection letters.

Love is always knowing that there is something more important than just yourself.

Love is the tantrum you wished you never threw.

Love is forgiveness unearned.

Love is grabbing today by the balls....and squeezing hard.

Love is spitting in the face of an uncertain future.

Love is the faith that, somehow, things will work themselves out.

Love is staring at your dwindling bank account, and the corners you have to cut to make it last, just a little longer.

Love is the heartache you get from the millions of things you can't give.

Love is joy from the one thing you can give.

Happy Valentine's Day!


-ben said...

Love starts with loving oneself.

(There are others, but I will refrain from bringing God into this).

Linda Chia said...

That was great, Anthony! I really like your post. Especially the ball-squeezing part, but that's just me being me.

Anthony said...


It starts there, but it doesn't end there. :D


I pheer for you boyfriend(s).

brendywendy said...

that was beautiful, just beautiful.

brendywendy said...

p.s. I'm gonna steal it. just wanted to let you know.

Anthony said...

Hey Bren,

By all means, steal it.

Smurfy said...

Dear Anthony,

Love is not about selfless sacrificing.

Love is not about throwing pearls before swine.

Love yourself first and you will learn to love others.

I am not a Christian although this is what the Bible says.

What do you think?