Saturday, March 11, 2006

The Only Thing We Have

I had hoped to update this earlier, but the time between my last post and this has been a blur of activity and haziness caused by too much coffee and too little sleep.

Last week was spring break, except it was so bloody cold that no reasonable person would expect it to be spring yet, and I didn't have a break. The reason I didn't have a break is because I have started work.

Yeap, you read right. I found some work. The only shitty thing is, they want to pay me but I can't accept payment, since I'm still on an F1 visa. I'm working for free right now. No expenses claimed, no salary paid, everything out of pocket. Plus, I have to cross the bay 3 times a week, and each crossing costs USD$3.

Why am I insane enough to do this? The simple answer - I need every break I can get. I've already alluded to the difficulty of getting a visa sponsor. If I do a good job here, maybe, just maybe, word will get around. Besides, I promised almost a year ago that I will do absolutely everything in my power to stay. I'll not break that promise now.

Hope may be the last of Pandora's evils, but in the end, it's may be the only thing we have.

Plus, free beef jerky and cup noodles, plus all the apple cider, coke and coffee I can drink ain't bad.


On a brighter note, I have finally presented the work I've been doing with my professor. We just gave a presentation on Wednesday at Santa Clara University on "The Emerging Role and Voices of Women in the Legal Profession in China." Or something like that.

I don't remember much of it now. I was decaffinated on Wednesday. What I do remember is that the presentation went better than I expected. My ghoulish sense of humour and wisecracks were suprisingly well-received.

At the end of a presentation, a good-looking female student walked up to me and asked me if I knew her boyfriend, cos he's Singaporean and we all knew each other, right? I told her politely that we don't, or at least, I don't. Apart from Ben, who I know through blogging, I have no clue about the Singaporean population in Santa Clara U.

Would I like to meet them? Probably, but I have no clue who they are.

So, good-looking female student, if you happen to be reading this blog, I'm sorry I sounded really standoffish, but I was tired, drained and generally cranky that day. Plus, I really didn't know your boyfriend. Really.

P.S It'd be funny if it was Ben's girlfriend I met. I honestly have no clue. She didn't identify her boyfriend.


Anonymous said...

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Anthony said...

Dear Jon,

I've submitted my blog into the listings, but I'm not going to put up the competitive webcounter thing - I've never believed that blogging should be about hits and I don't intend to start now.

Otherwise, thank you for the invitation.

BlackRX said...

If there is anything academic-related I can do to help, just ask.

Anthony said...

Hey BlackRX,

No, I'm all good now. The presentation is over and the portion which was most contentious and quantitative I've handled. They are thankfully not focusing on this in the coming article on this subject so I'm gonna drop out of the picture gracefully.

Thanks for the concern though.

BlackRX said...

I was not referring only to the article you presented (though if you needed someone to read and provide comments I would have gladly done so). I mean if there's anything I might be able to help with, now and in the future, just ask.

Anthony said...


I will ask only if you are convinced you need a cure for insomnia.

-ben said...

Thanks for honor of gracing your entry with my name, Anthony. I have been, however, single for more than a year now (and intend to keep it that way).

It has given me a lot more time to indulge in another love:


Anthony said...


Seriously. The first thing that came to mind after the incident was "I hope it wasn't Ben's girlfriend."

brendywendy said...

hahaha!! u r too cute lah!