Monday, July 07, 2008

Training in Singapore

Attended training for the first time since I've returned. Officially anyways. Unofficially, I've been heading to the Botanical Garden and been doing the "plank" as regularly as I can manage - which is to say, irregularly.

The first thing I noticed about going back to do my drills is how cramped I'm perceiving the training space to be. I know that's not correct - our training hall is only slightly smaller than SESH's training hall in Finland. Yet somehow, it feels a lot smaller than it should be. My guess is that it's the line of bags strewn over the sides, and the line of chairs that make things smaller than they need to be.

The second thing I noticed is that my form has suffered during the week - again. Weirdly enough, when Chris and Greg call me out on my mistakes, I tend to know what they are going to say before they even say it. Not breaking structure on the cover for First Remedy of First Master of Dagger, check. Not swinging high enough to be a proper fendente cut, check. Volta Stabile when I'm not supposed to, double check.

It annoys me that I know what I'm supposed to be doing and yet not being able to do it consistently.

On a brighter note, I notice that during training, I'm swinging harder and which more emphasis on proper form. I go down lower on my guard positions and focus more on establishing structure than executing things quickly. I was especially proud when Robin tried to armlock me and didn't manage to. For perspective, Robin is one of the bigger and stronger guys there and his form is usually impeccable.

I also think that there are some endemic mistakes that we make over and over again because we're just so used to them. I'll be focusing on this aspect in training and my own self-training.


The Disappearing Man said...

I was quite annoyed at myself several times during the evening as well. Mistakes I shouldn't have made (volta stabile on the first drill ligadura, treble check!) and so on. But let's put it in perspective - first, we can now self-correct a lot better; second, it's in part because we've had the bar raised.

I was at Vivocity today and I had a sudden thought. Want to meet up during lunchtime to do push hands? It's a really nutty idea but hey - never pass up a training opportunity eh?

Khayce said...


Points all well-taken.

Afternoon push-hands isn't a bad idea IF I can find a place that won't make us both look like idjits. My office ain't exactly private.