Friday, October 19, 2007

Shameless Emotional Manipulation II

Roy's brother: Wanna play blocks with me?

Roy: More than anything.

Retrospective is a trick of perspective. I've made mistakes. Some of them still haunt me today, taking me by surprise in unexpected moments. Caught in these recollections, I cannot help but to look at my past with the perspective of who I am today; stronger, wiser, more mature.

Knowing this helps little. I view the past wondering what I should have done, could have done, but not realising that those events are the very ones that made me stronger, wiser and more mature.

I believe in the afterlife. Having made the mistakes I have, I am unsure whether I will have an afterlife like Roy's despite having tried very hard. Nevertheless I get my choice of afterlife, the one I want is Roy's.

An afterlife where all will be forgiven.


dagger said...

I'm sure the Debate Hall Where You're Always Right have nothing to do with it. =)

Anthony said...


I've been happily proven wrong about some of my more...pessimistic projections. I know better now than to be always right.

Slinky said...

Oooh, new favorite website. The early comics are especially fun - i feel the sudden urge to replay Diablo II and Icewind Dale.

Chin up. We all screw up spectacularly. Some of us don't even learn from our mistakes, and persist in making them over and over again. We can only hope that in the end, we are forgiven.

In the meantime, wait with bated breath for Starcraft 2 and dream of better things in this life.

Anthony said...


I guess it's easy to be optimistic when high on pixie dust and alcohol. No such luck here.

Aiden said...

Take it from someone whose blog constantly sounds like the apocalypse section of Revelations:

Tommorow will be better.

Wait, actually, that wasn't true optimism, as much as grim determination. I try day by day, to let the shit from others slide off my back, because you told me I could take it all in stride and with dignity. I'm determined not to have my days ruined by anyone else (fantasizing about introcing them to my blades help when all else fails).

Still trying to get pass the shit I spew on myself though.

Cheers. At least we're not alone.

aiden said...


Aiden said...

By the way, don't you wanna change your "occupation" to "Hired Sword"?

Anthony said...


Ooo...really good point. I'll go do it now.