Friday, October 05, 2007

Out Of The Closet

There's a wonderful joy at coming out of the closet, to be relieved of the burdens of having to keep your deep dark secrets. The gay colours, shiny sequins, sidelong glances, and feather boas.

I'm, of course, talking about ABBA. Yes, I'm a closet ABBA fan.

Tome sent this to me. This is incredible shit - Frida from ABBA and The Real Group, a Swedish acapella group, performing "Dancing Queen".


Tome Loh said...

And the scary thing is, it's an a cappella group!

Didn't even realise it until until a friend told me after hearing it on radio.

The Disappearing Man said...

It's a funny thing... my folks and I were doing karaoke some time back and I freaked myself out by knowing the lyrics to most of their songs. Kind of embarrassing really.

Anthony said...


You haven't freaked out until you realise you know the lyrics to the mandarin songs they know. Word for word, perfect.