Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Facebook Ettiquette

I've discovered that...

  • Blinkymummy is a friend's cousin, and I know another cousin from my debating days.
  • I may have gone to school with Tym's brother, but I'm not sure.
  • Shyue Chou knows one of my AC Drama juniors.
  • Shianux knows another of my AC Drama juniors.
  • A lawyer I've used in a recent case is a 2nd degree contact, friend of an old JC buddy.
  • Willie and a JC friend were neighbours in England.
This brings about an interesting question. What do I do for 2nd degree contacts that I know but not that well? In at least one case, I only know that person in her professional capacity but am close friends with our friend-in-common. In another case, I know the 2nd degree contact, but it's been years since we've spoken.

Decisions, decisions.

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