Friday, June 29, 2007

Knowing Someone

Just when you think you know someone, life pulls a twist.

I've a friend that I've got a....peculiar relationship with. He's one of the most money-grubbing individuals I know, always out to make a buck. He's the kind of friend I'd shake hands with, then count if I'm missing fingers after. On my part, I often talk to him about gaming, business and ethics. I occasionally act as his prosthetic conscience, and try to give him my insight into the corporate world from my ivory tower.

Yet, somehow, through all the conflicting values, I never asked the most important question, "Why?"

Today I discovered why.

Turns out that his granny suffered a stroke 11 years ago. This was the granny who raised him, who loved him very much. He gives her eulogy tomorrow. He is using Gandalf's "White Shores" speech.

Today, I find out that his grandma's medical fees and care has been costing him a lot of money.

Today, I see my friend in a new light. And yet, somehow, not.

Rest well, G. My prayers are with you.

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