Wednesday, June 13, 2007


My apologies in advance to my readers who don't speak Mandarin.

One of the problems with not watching TV anymore is that you miss some incredibly good this. I originally dismissed Project Superstar as an American Idol clone. I stand corrected - some of the singers here are seriously seriously talented.

It also helps that the particular song they performed is an all-time favourite of mine. I grew up on this song. It's one of those songs that I understand even better now that I've grown up a bit.

Short Translation of the Lyrics: Woman catches her (former?) lover with a new gal. She has two options - let them see her, or sneak away. The song essentially sings of her moment of indecision.

Time to go rip up my parent's CD collection on the off chance it is there.


BlackRX said...

I watched Wa Wa perform Da Yu on Fei Yuqing's oldies show recently. On the same time slot, Zhou Zhiping performed Qing Mei Zhu Ma.

I seem to recall that Da Yu is part of a recent compilation.

On another note, youtube for "No Name" Yu2 Xian1 Zhong1's cover of Da Yu on some taiwanese variety show. His version is pretty good. He also covered Harlem Yu's Kao Jing on the same show.

BlackRX said...

No Name 余憲忠-大雨

Anthony said...

Oh, that Fei Yu Qing show! Must....go....find!

I think 动力火车 did a cover as well. I haven't been able to hear it though.

Anonymous said...

Hahaha! Can't listen to this at work but I know what you mean. The competition in Project Superstar is much stronger than SG Idol or whatever. But then the Pop Idol series isn't about talent anyway! --Vic