Thursday, October 12, 2006

To Peking

I am heading to Beijing for a short trip. Things are getting a little emotional here in Singapore and the distance would do me good.  Since there is no access to Blogger in China, I apologise for the state of my blog over the coming week. Will return with updates and hopefully some nice pictures.


Anonymous said...

So there's no Internet in China.
I knew it. Superpower economy indeed.

Anthony said...

There is. Blogger just happens to be blocked from China ISP's.

Gloria said...

hi kc,

actually it's patchy. some terminals do allow you to access it, but it's dodgy. take care!! see you when you get back!


ps: did you know that if you mis-type your blogspot address as 'glogspot', it brings you to a fetish porn website?

Anonymous said...

There is an option to send your post via email to a prespecified address and it will be posted on your blog. Check the settings.

Anthony said...

Oh, that's interesting. Let me go muck around with that.