Wednesday, January 25, 2006

Top 10 Signs You Are Addicted to World of Warcraft

10. Your colleague says "I'm sick, I need to go on an MC run", and you wonder if he's already attuned.

9. You refer to dates out with your wife as "Wife Faction Quests", except you know you will never be Exalted.

8. You refer to talking about WoW on a date with your wife as "generating aggro".

7. Punctuation marks are -much- more meaningful now.

6. One question mark good, two question marks bad.

5. You think Elf/Tauren babies are acceptable dietary supplements.

4. Chinese New Year is a big deal (especially if you are a farmer).

3. You think this comic strip is a hilarious joke.

2. You -don't- think this comic strip is a joke at all.

1. You organise group outings with the preface "LFG".


Anonymous said...

Your PA links don't work - they are both pointing at the most recent Comic
Unless you did that for irony and i was to tired to get it :)

Anthony said...

I fixed the links.

World of Warcraft Gold Guide said...

good post :)