Tuesday, January 10, 2006


I am home, having left home.

Buddhists believe in a cycle of karma and retribution. Taoists believe that events occur in natural cycles. Historians believe those who do not know history are doomed to repeat history. Scientists believe that beautiful people are beautiful because their faces are symmetrical.

Such was my visit to Singapore.

I started my acting stint 12 years ago, in the ACJC drama club. My first production was the Merchant of Venice. I played Solanio. The drama teacher in charge at the time had it in her head that we'd look interesting in chinese costumes. We wore awful satin sam-fu's and most of us didn't have a clue what our lines meant. We acted to a huge audience in the AC auditorium.

12 years later, I headed to the Substation to watch the Merchant of Venice done by the current batch of AC Drama. What else can I say about the production, apart from singing its praises? This was the first time AC Drama had used a live band for its musical performance. Electric Guitars, Drums, Bongos even. The results were spectacular, to say the least. They are part of the Art Elective Program now. I say they've earned it.


12 months ago, I started playing World of Warcraft. I stumbled around, pretty lost. That's the price I paid for being an early adopter. No information, no news, and no one to help me around. I changed server three times, moved from Alliance to Horde, and played almost every character in the process except the Paladin. I remember being scoffed as being an addict, and told that no one else would join me in the game except me bro and Apocalyptic Wen.

When I moved to California, I stopped playing for a long time. I had a level 46 troll shaman which I gave up in frustration. My bro and Wen operated at a time zone that I couldn't coordinate with. I tried hard to keep in touch through WoW, but no one was there.

When I returned this time, my friends were talking about nothing but WoW. The guild which I signed the original charter had grown tremendously in my absence. Apocalyptic Wen was the guildmaster. I recall the days of dragging Apocalyptic Wen's cloth-covered ass down dungeons for equipment. They all made me a promise - come back, and they would help me get back in shape. For some odd reason, they were happy to see me back.

I've been playing again for the last week, and I've got a level 24 Tauren Druid. All that playing around with other classes allowed me to understand Druids better than most starters.


12 is a magical number. There are 12 months to a solar year. Both the Chinese and Western Zodian have 12 constellations. There are 12 numbers on a clock. 12 is the number of the cycle completed. 12 is the number of renewal.

As I had struggled 12 years before, so does AC Drama now bear fruit. As I had struggled 12 months before to help, so I am now helped. It all came round.

Symmetry is beautiful. Beauty is Symmetrical.


Chuang Shyue Chou said...

Hey, I stopped playing WOW in March or April 2005 after hitting Level 60. I couldn't afford the time to visit Molten Core with forty other level 60 for a six-hour dungeon-crawl. That would be agonising.

It's been nine months or more.

Anthony said...

Shyue Chou,

I've never hit level 60 - don't have the focus to keep to one character. Hopefully things don't get too bad if I actually hit 60.

Chuang Shyue Chou said...

I would have been faster if I had not gone for my reservist stint during that period!

There was motivation to hit 60 because I was into PvP and levels mattered and I wanted an epic mount. In addition, the end-game pets for a warlock (weak though they may be) is just too fun! Imagine bringing an Infernal to town and then losing control!

I will be returning to the game when the Burning Crusade Expansion is released. I heard that the level cap will be raised by 10 levels at least. I will be joining Wilson and Colin again. We are all in the 'Llane' server on Horde. I think they also have Alliance characters.

Well, I am sure things won't be bad if you hit 60. There are many endgame dungeons like Molten Core and many good set items. Well worth it. In fact, I think level 60 is just the beginning of one's adventures in this game. The real quests...