Monday, November 21, 2005


The days are getting cold, and the nights colder. The leaves on trees turn brown and my knees hurt like the dickens at night and early in the morning. I complain incessantly to my wife about the cold. Her only response "Ohio will be colder." She gleefully shows me the weather report on Ohio.

Why's Ohio important? Cos I'm headed there over Thanksgiving. There is much fowl to be eaten and two ladies, two mischievious cats and a pair of wingless snow owls to be met. People from my wife's former life that I've never been involved with, until now. They (meaning the ladies, not the cats and snow owls) were gracious enough to fly me in. I hope I do not disappoint them. :D

On other news, I return 14th December to Singapore, and I fly back 6th Jan. I'll be happy to meet up with people that I've only managed to blog to, if you drop me a message at khaycelim-at-gmail-dot-com. I'm normally a lot more shy about these meetings, but I figured this would probably be my last and only chance to meet some of you - I probably won't be flying back next year until Dec 2006, if at all.

On other news, Tor has tagged me with a meme, which I will do once I've completed my cyberspace law paper. In truth, I could probably have scraped by with an easier topic, but I feel I need to take this one on. Much thanks to Huichieh actually, and his book recommendation Freakonomics. That was the inspiration for the angle on my paper.

P.S Shianux, if you are reading this, do a search on Boldrin and Levine. Everything I thought I knew about the economics behind IPR was wrong. Everything. God help us all.


The Legal Janitor said...

you mean this Boldrin and this Levine? Their papers against the traditional economic conception of IP had been out a few years ago... I didn't read them then lah, but I did read ABOUT them already at the time.

You might want to look at this specific page... lots of useful things for you. =)

The Legal Janitor said...

oh, and you might find this study very interesting

Anthony said...

I did - read 2 of their articles, one of which was only released this year. Their language is pretty dense, and I think there are some flaws with their theories but it's correct enough that we should be looking at new ways to look at IP.

Thanks for the linky!

-ben said...

Happy Thanksgiving, and have a safe trip.