Monday, November 28, 2005

Back From Ohio

Slowly recovering from sub-zero Thanksgiving. Am glad to return to the (relatively balmly) California winter. Took tons of pictures. Will post them and write about them when I get the chance.

Will be spending the next few days finishing up my paper and hunting for cut-price turkey meat. Have fun Singapore.

P.S Is anyone who reads this blog going to attend the Blogger's Christmas Party on December 23rd? If you do, can you leave me a comment? I'd like to go but don't like going if I don't know anybody there.


Tym said...

Will probably be at the Xmas party, yep. Not that we "know" each other :)

Anthony said...

Well, that works.

Thanks for replying. I'll go ask 50 strangers "Who's Tym"? until I find someone.

God, I'm gonna just die of shyness.