Wednesday, September 21, 2005

I Am That Guy

I am the blogger that started blogging as an intllectual experiment, and continued blogging because it must be done.

I am the child who shattered the glass doors of our brand new radio set. I am the child who destroyed our main sliding doors, also made of glass. I am the child who got his hands tied up by rafia string. I am the child that slipped those bonds and proceeded to destroy yet another household item in the process.

I am the brother who is forever guilty of all the blessings I have that my brother does not. I am the son who is forever angry at the lies my parents told me for my own good, and yet still love them very much. I am the husband that often feels inadequate because he can't promise anything in his future for his wife.

I am the driver that drove drove down the wrong side of a road at 2 a.m at night, until my passengers screamed.

I was the Christian that left church because of accusations that I was a Satan worshipper. I was the Christian that could not believe my buddist parents would go to Hell. I am the Christian that could not believe that Lord of the Rings, Dungeons and Dragons and Harry Potter are works of the Devil. I am the Christian that could not believe God was so heartless to allow men to rule the Church.

I am the soldier that thought he was going to die. I am the soldier that thought he was going to get charged. I am the soldier that somehow muddled through all that without a scratch.

I am the ACS boy who spoke mandarin, plays the chinese flute and watched mandarin serials. I was the ACS boy that all other boys picked on. I am the man who never understood to this day why boys can be so cruel to each other, and yet is so very appreciative of the strength that these experiences have given me.

I am the stuttering debator, the actor doomed for supporting roles, the dysgraphic writer, the singer that does not read music. I am the flawed artist, the incomplete creator, so grateful for every opportunity to create.

I am that guy.


Alphabet Moppet said...

Interesting revelations. I sure would never sit on your car!

Anthony said...

In my defence,

It was 2 am after a late rehersal and I was sending people home.

brendywendy said...

was that driving incident when you were in that production of grease? hahahahaha!

I never knew some of the stuff about you.

your ma misses you, your bro misses you, i miss u and so does my man.

the foto tribute to ray, if you had read previous posts on my blog you would have seen it. lah.

loved the anniversary post. i didn't realised it's already been a year. congrats sweety!

Anthony said...


Yeah, that was the grease incident.

I'll be back in December, but not much after that.

Thanks for the congrats.

Emmanuel said...

what is a chinese flute?
interesting blog dude

brendywendy said...

emmanuel>>chinese flute is like an ang moh 1 except usually fatter in diameter and made of bamboo(i think so anyway). it sounds heavenly. have yet to hear anthony play though.

Anthony said...

Well, depends on the flute actually. The ones you normally see are keyed to D major - those are about the size of a western flute, but with less do-hickeys. The one keyed to G major is smaller, about the size of a piccolo, and the C major one is pretty big.

And the reason Bren has never heard me play is because I've stopped for over 10 years now - much longer than I've known Bren.

Mr Wang Says So said...

You were accused of being a Satan worshipper?! Kekekeke.

Anthony said...

Yes. I was accused of being a Satan worshipper - and sparked my lifelong distrust for Christian fundamentalists.