Monday, September 19, 2005

Freedom of Speech

The beauty of freedom of speech is that, even if you say exactly the same thing that you would say without freedom of speech, what you say becomes that much more significant.

There are tons of subjects I could write on. Seditious bloggers. Comparisons with US and Singapore law. More whining about living in the States and how expensive it is. Today will be no whining, no commentary, no intellectual discourse. Yes, these things matter to me, but there's one thing above all that matters most.

On this day, a year ago, we threw a great big party, knelt a lot before relatives I rarely met, and had a grand old time.

Fast forward a year from now. My wife and I just shared a wonderful, home-cooked dinner (wonderful, because I made it) of cream pasta, and blackberry pie. We toasted each other in our coffee mugs of water, ate off metal and pyrex plates and rickety Dollar Shop cutlery. I couldn't be more grateful. We've kept our promises to each other.

Of all the things that I could say, this is the most significant.

"Happy 1st Anniversary, dear."


Tym said...

Congratulations! Much more important than petty political games, I agree.

apocalyptic wen said...

Has it already been a year? Grats!

Mythical said...

Once I joked that the right word should be 'confabulations'. But then I realised, it is indeed the right word. or the write wyrd. The two of you make a story together, and it is fabulous indeed. Congratulations, and confabulations.

Mr Wang Says So said...

Heheh. So sweet.

Anthony said...

Thanks all!

-ben said...

Congratulations to Anthony and your significant other. It is wonderful that both of you are experiencing a new life here--together. Good fortune and happiness always.