Sunday, August 14, 2005


No incisive commentary today unfortunately.

My wife has finally arrived. We have spent the last few days assembling furniture and generally getting my spartan apartment furnished and homely. My hands are worn to stubs from twisting one too many allen keys, and my body aches from carrying over 500 lbs of furniture. Admittedly, 300 of those 500 lbs were delivered, but STILL...

I've been having a good time feeding my wife the various dishes I've mastered over the two month's I've spent here. Work is hard, but we're doing well.

Oh, and I've gone through a major life change. Better to show you.

What better way to feel the California breeze?


Mythical said...

euuw, is the baron hairgonen look... *grin*

-ben said...

You will also find out that the air channels in bicycle helmets really do work ;-) Seriously.

Heavenly Sword said...

"I've been having a good time feeding my wife the various dishes I've mastered over the two month's..."

You've done Singaporean men proud by mastering cookery. Well done! :)

Anthony said...

Darth Sidhe,

Hair hair hair.


Will try that out. Getting our bikes today I think.

Heavenly Sword,

I've always been a better cook than the wife - it's just that I've gotten -even- better because of living alone.

Heavenly Sword said...

That is even more impressive :)

apocalyptic wen said...

You obviously never eaten his cooking, heavenly sword. So what can you cook now, kace?

Anthony said...


Stuff that you'll never taste. :D

Seriously? More chinese food now. I can make many different chicken dishes, many many more beef dishes, at least 2 stews/soups, some fish dishes, fried rice, and many more vegetable dishes.

Oh, and I'm also starting to experiment with oven cooking with great success.

Linda Chia said...

Happy that your Mrs is there and diminish your homesickness.

Take care!

Anthony said...


I'm doing much better now. My apartment -feels- like home now that my wife is here.