Monday, August 22, 2005

Cabbage Soup

The last of the IKEA furniture has been assembled. I'm settling down to a new routine of commute-study-household chores. This was the first weekend I've had since my wife arrived where I could kick back, relax and enjoy a peaceful Sunday.

The wife and I spent a bit of time tidying up the house - with the new furniture and tasks, we had to do more, but it was nothing we couldn't manage. The wife has obviously had more experience living alone than I do and it showed through her breakdown of the household chores. Another reason I am glad to have her around.

I experimented this week with making soup - Sunday afternoon, I made chinese cabbage soup. My first attempt was bland to say the least. After consulting with my mom about her recipe, I found the ingredient for making the soup base. Boiled soy beans.

Hence, I tried it out this week - and it worked. It tasted almost as good as the ones that I used to have back in Singapore, and I added some stuff that I liked and were not part of the original recipe - beef (taboo in my house), mushrooms and carrots. It was a good meal.

After the end of the meal, I sliced up half a watermelon, and I suddenly had waves of nostalgia for Singapore. Watermelon after a good chinese cabbage soup meal was something bordering on a family tradition - and the tastes brought back memories of Singapore.

Strange how a familiar taste can evoke memories like that.


duncan60heather said...

damn good blog, check out mine, comments always welcome!

Anonymous said...

nostalgia indeed, how about a "helloooooooo" note from an annoy-mous friend gerald?? Weren't you supposed to contact us before you left? *sigh* now email me, before I invoke the wrath of the telco gods... such as zapping your internet connection!

Anthony said...


Sorry, I kind of left in a rush. I'll be back in Dec. Catch up then?

Anonymous said...

what can annoy-mous gerald do? after all, he'd like to zap your internet connection, but then he might fry some innocents along the way... so ok, we'll wait till december...for now... :P