Friday, March 06, 2009


Okay, the title is a bit OTT. No I haven't been possessed. Still, in line with connecting and reconnecting with people, I did something I've always done - meet the Cowboy.

As a bonus, I met the even-cuter-in-person Fireangel as well, plus members of the Cowboy Bar whose exploits are legendary on the web. Hi MistressGrace, Nerak and TK!

So here it is. No pictures though.


Even before the start of lunch, I was faced with an interesting problem - how in the seven hells do I recognise Cowboy, he without an online photo? Plus, he's probably never seen my photo either, so if he didn't recognise me, I would be in trouble.

Luckily, I recognised Fireangel, who looked damn surprised when she first saw me. I must have looked like some rabid stalker. In my own defense, it was because I was relieved to see her.

Anyways, with that bit of awkwardness behind us, we went for a "quick" lunch at Brotzeit.


What can I say about lunch, except that it was the best stress relief I've had after a long week of back-to-back work? The banter was easy, funny and free-flowing. I can only imagine what they are like when they are drunk.

Bloody hell, my liver can imagine what they are like when they are drunk.

I was seated next to Nerak, who turned out to be a lark, a mother of two and in impossibly good shape. Fireangel and I could only stare in disgust when she claimed she was "normal" weight. I muttered under my breath about my figure.

Of course, what German meal would be complete without sausages? And what sausage-based meal would be complete without innuendo, both about Germans and their sausages, with meaningful looks cast at Nerak and Fireangel?

MistressGrace joined the four of us a little later, and somehow the conversation turned towards blog traffic and Nuffnang earnings. My own pathetic earnings turned out to be even more than MistressGrace's, for which, in a burst of schadenfreude, I was eternally grateful.

TK joined us last. Again, the conversation took a bizarre turn towards artistics photography. TK suggested that I should pose in the nude with nothing but a steel gauntlet, and I was, for once, shocked into a loss for words.

Lunch tapered off eventually, with all of us needing to return to our day jobs. Still it was pretty awesome. Good bunch of chaps, one and all. Kudos.


Trebuchet said...

Schadenfreude, not 'schadenfraude'; your version sounds like some sort of fake sadism. Hahaha...

Almost Infamous Anthony said...

Sorry man, will go get it fixed.

LaDyReD said...

Wahkaus.. U still want to mention Nuffnang cheque again!!!! You are buying lunch the next time u cash your cheque!!!

Anyway it was an enjoyable lunch, but had to leave early as my vessel was due to be back on that day. It was nice meeting you too.
-- Mistress Grace

Anonymous said...


So many things wrong with your post. If I may:

1. I am not a Barfly. Erm... Cowboy will not read this (*fingers crossed)

2. I am not a blogger. Hence femes don't apply to me. Me ish a stalker-ish voyeur. That's how I end up knowing them! =p

3. Wa lau, of all words to describe me, WHY LARK?!?!?

4. ME NOT A DRINKER. I have my unique brand of 'Natural High'. High on adrenalin. Cheap and low maintenance. Good stuff eh?

5. Honestly, would you rather TK or me take your photo now? Say it!

6. I love German sausages!!!!

Cheers / Nerak

FA said...

Hey dude, was wondering where the extra hits came from. Thanks for the traffic! :D

Gloria said...

You. In only a gauntlet. Eh friend, eyes can dig out but brain cannot ok.

The Horny Bitch said...

TK is an idiot online but a very sweet guy in real person. =)