Thursday, February 19, 2009

Why You Should Wear Gloves When Practising Swordsmanship

AKA, "The Doofus that Got Himself Cut"

How it Happened:

We were practising crossing of swords from Dente di Chingale. (Translation: It's a parry from a low guard held to the left of the body against a blow coming in from the attackers high right, cutting down towards the lower left.)

Some mistiming was probably going on. My best guess was that the cover either came up too late against an improperly formed attack (and I was the attacker) or I was leading with my hands.

Long story short - the blow grazed my fourth knuckle, deflected off my fifth and gouged a chunk of skin off the edge of my hand.

Lesson learnt, wear gloves, do your best to cover your hands on the attack, and don't stand so close.


Tome said...

If you're the attacker, then it's probably one of two possibilities:

1) Defender was anticipating, and started the deflection before you fully extended.

2) You led with the hands. Better than leading with the face though :D

-ben said...

'Glad you are okay, KC.

Almost Infamous Anthony said...

Yeah, I'm good. Just a bit miffed at myself for being so careless.

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