Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Crazy Stupid Long

By request, I've decided to share my experiences with the crazy new Johor Checkpoint, from the bus taker's perspective. Suffice to say, I managed to get an eyeful of the suck that Cowboy Caleb's wife experienced.

I've take the bus into JB twice weekly, for the last year. For bus-takers, the old experience was fairly simple and no-fuss. Get on a bus at Kranji or Woodlands checkpoint (your pick), alight bus at Woodlands, alight again at the old Johor checkpoint, and from there either (i) hoof it to City Square or (ii) take the bus all the way to Larkin.

The new Johor checkpoint, in a word, sucks.

  1. For one, the checkpoint is now located further away from the Causeway. Hoofing it from the checkpoint to City Square is about the same distance as just hoofing it across the Causeway.
  2. The only other exit point by foot is the Jalan Jim Quee. I checked out that exit, and since I don't know where the damn thing leads, it might as well be in the middle of nowhere.
  3. The bus platforms are now split to Platform A and Platform B. The split seems entirely arbitrary. Previously, all SBS buses used (roughly) the same platform, so if all you wanted was to get to Kranji or Woodlands Checkpoint, you could take your pick of 160, 170, 950 and (if you were so inclined) the Causeway Express. Now, 950 and the Causeway Express is on a different platform from 170 and 160. It makes no sense.
  4. The 160 and 170 platform is the furthest platform away from the elevator. I'm not kidding. The SJE has a closer platform than the 160 and 170.
  5. There are something like 20 immigrations stations at the new checkpoint and the queue is still moving like a snail. To be fair, it seems like the officers are actually checking passports now instead of waving a whole bunch of people through the lines. Still, it's excruciatingly slow.
In short, a trip to JB that would normally take me an hour would now take me an extra half an hour to one hour. It's insane.


Yu Sarn said...

"Crazy Stupid Long"
"That's what she said."

Sorry couldn't resist.

-ben said...

Hmm, I wonder what kind of trials are in store for bicyclists riding through.

'Can't blame me for not volunteering to try though :-D

Khayce said...


No I don't. It's crazy out there. I'm going to brave it again today. Hopefully things get better.

Yu Sarn said...

Why not drive?

Khayce said...

I might consider it now. The lanes have mostly cleared after Tuesday's disaster and it exits pretty close to Jas' place.

-ben said...

Be careful there, KC.
The father of one of my buddies got his window smashed and his passport stolen from his glove box sometime back. Crossing back into SG with only your IC is not fun.

Blog Tactic said...

msia boleh

apocalyptic wen said...

I'm pretty paranoid about parking, unless it's in a high traffic area or near a security guard post/security camera.

And even then, I make it a point to carry my passport around with me (or lock it in a hotel safe).

Anonymous said...

almost 6 months later, situation remains the same. they have spent huge money to make the already bad situation many times worse. total respect to the malaysian government.